Our Team


Co-Founder, Head Coach

Programming and Data Analytics as Enterprise Architect (IT) was my career before I got to teaching. I am passionate about robotics, data intelligence and I love teaching. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the 'light bulb' moment in my students. I believe robotics and information are going to drive the future and want to position our future generations to take advantage of that opportunity.


Co-Founder, Operations

I am motivated to engage elementary school students with technology in teaching them real world mechanical and programming concepts. With science background by education, I love teaching younger kids and have found that their enthusiasm is contagious. Having taught kids at Zebra Robotics for the last three years, nowadays, I focus on managing operations to ensure all activities run smoothly.


Senior Coach

Apart from teaching students how to build and program robots, I am a Research Programmer at York University. During my Engineering (Computer Science), I have competed in many robotics challenges including NASA rover challenge. I love troubleshooting robotics, computer related issue while teaching and guiding students.


Senior Coach

I'm an engineer(aerospace) by day and a zebra coach by night (and weekends)! I am passionate about STEM learning which is why I love teaching at Zebra and run the WIES Design Competition. I hope to encourage my students' creativity and help them find the joy in learning, inspiring the scientists, programmers and engineers of tomorrow! When I'm not working you can find me snowboarding and binge-watching TV shows


Senior Coach

I am a graduate from Wilfred-Laurier University. During my school, I realized coding was my passion, and what better way to get involved in it than teaching it! Coding is the perfect balance between creativity and technical work, anyone can design and build anything they want. I’m hoping to get kids interested in coding, teaching them what many call the “literacy of the 21st century”, to give them the skills they need to build their dream projects.


Creative Director

I graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC with an Honors BFA in Fine Arts, and a focus in Design. You'll find me designing all the printed and digital material we hand out, including newsletters, posters, curriculums, photos, brochures, and more. I also work on marketing strategy, customer outreach, and occasionally coaching teams. My personal policy is to always wear a smile!



I am a second-year student at Laurentian University. Having participated in three world robotics olympiad has made robotics my favorite sport. Robotics is an opportunity for me to flex my creative muscles in my favorite way, by building interesting and complex structures. It’s my true passion and I love pursuing it in every way possible. Educating children about the future of technology is not a job to me, it’s a responsibility.


Senior Instructor

With Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters in Education and teaching from Univ. of Toronto, I am determined to make lives easier for people when it comes to technology. Web user interface and front-end designer by day, I love teaching. I also volunteer at schools to assist students.



As a high school student aspiring to go into engineering/computer science robotics is a great interest of mine. I'm an avid programmer who loves to challenge himself. I excel in the sciences and maths and since robotics encompasses all my interests it is a perfect fit for me. With the increasing automation of our society both programming and mechanical knowledge is pivotal in our coming future, and as a result I believe all children should be exposed to robotics.



I'm an engineering student at Ryerson Univeristy, who loves writing, running and design thinking. My favourite part of being a Coach is watching the kids solve problems in their own unique styles and then show their creations to their parents!