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Welcome to the wonderful world of Coding. We introduce kids to the world of programming using HTML and gradually guide them to text based programming languages.

Our curriculum is structured by people who have worked several years as senior IT professionals. Introducing students to relevant programming languages that are widely used in industries today, provides an opportunity to pursue what students like.

Coding 300

In this course students in Grade 3 to 5 start by building interactive games, creatively using simple drag and drop blocks. The focus is to practice thinking creatively and to learn how to systematically approach problems. At later levels student learn animation and concepts such as loops, scenes, keyboard controls and orientation changes.

Grade: 3-5
Total Levels: 6, Duration: 30-40 weeks.

Coding 600

Students learn programming concepts and design a solution to real world problems. Using HTML5 and CSS3 they learn to build a webpage from scratch instead of using a drag and drop tool. In the second level students are taught how to create interactive webpages, by introducing them to basic JavaScript.

Grade: 6-10
Levels: 3, Duration: 30-40 weeks.

Coding 800

Students learn a powerful server-based programming language. They are taught to write Python programs, which can be used to solve variety of challenges, including in Robotics.Python is a powerful programming language used for variety of purpose from Data Analytics, Data Science to programming robots and providing artificial intelligence.

Grade: 7-12
Total Levels: 3, Duration: 30-40 weeks.

Coding 900

Students are introduced to the basics of object oriented programming by learning to program in Java. Java is the most popular programming language and is used by across all industries. Java skillset is one of the most sought after and due its portability is used across many server platform.

Grade: 9-12
Total Levels: 3, Duration: 30-40 weeks.



Interested to know more about our robotics program? In this page you will find courses offered under Robotics program.

We have provided details that you will be interested in knowing about. Only entry courses are listed. Courses that have pre-req are not listed below. If you need to talk to us to gather more details please call us or message us on facebook. To see our facility feel free to drop by.

Junior Robotics

Students design and build basic machines, investigate models, learn about simple and compound machines, mechanisms and structures.Students learn to power and control mechanisms that they have built themselves and will be introduced to coding concepts and program their models using an easy to use interface.

Grade: 2
Total Levels: 4, Duration: 32-36 weeks.

Robotics 300

Students analyze, design, build and program stationary real world inspired models.They research, construct, document real-world inspired mobile models and are introduced to programming concepts using graphic computer-based games, hands-on tools and related activities.

Grade: 3
Total Levels: 4, Duration: 32-36 weeks.

Robotics 400

Robotics 400 introduces students to the world of robotics. All mechatronic robots have basic common components such as sensors, computer, power source, motors and body frame. Students will be introduced to all the basic components and should be well versed in building, programming a basic rover bot at the end of the course.

Grade: 4-8
Total Levels: 4, Duration: 32-36 weeks.

Robotics 700

Students dive deeper into robotics, by designing and building metal robots.Text based programming language Robot-C is used for programming. This course gets into the details of working of analog and digital sensors. Students will create both autonomous and remote-controlled robots during this course.

Grade: 7-10
Total Levels: 4, Duration: 32-36 weeks.

Robotics 900

Electronic components are integral part of robots. Students learn to design basic circuits and utilize base micro-controllers such as Arduino or Rasberry-Pi. Students learn to write C like program and build robot from scratch. At the end of the course students will have finer understanding of robot components and will be able to build robots from scratch using off the shelf electronic and electrical componenets.

Grade: 9-12
Total Levels: 3, Duration: 32-36 weeks.




Technology 600

Combined with R700, students will learn mechanical design, 3D modelling, 3D printing and design solutions.Students will be designing a robot using 3-D software. Students wanting to signup for this course is asked to sign up for R700 course.



Students who love robotics and/or coding, can't get enough of it, are highly passionate, willing to learn from mistakes, persistent, respectful, good team player and patient are our ideal candidates to be in the team.

These students will have more or less determined to pursue robotics or computer science related discipline in their under grad and beyond.


We form teams depending on students skill level and participate in Zone01 competitions. Zone01 competitions are mechanically challenging and focuses exclusively on robotics. Students who have completed atleast all levels of Robotics 400, preferably Robotics 500 will be eligible to apply for Zebra Teams.

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World Robotics Olympiad

World Robotics Olympiad challenge each year is highly complex and students should have participated in atleast one FLL and/or Zone01 competition to be considered for Zebra Robotics WRO team. Members will be invited to apply to be in the team.

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First Lego League

We will have few teams participate in First Lego League competitions each year. FLL competitions emphasizes on project research, presentation along with robotics. Students who have completed all levels in Robotics 400 will be eligible to apply to be in a Zebra Robotics team.

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Canada Computing Challenge

This challenge is organized by University of Waterloo, and is designed to test student's ability to understand, design and implement algorithms. Students who have completed C800-Python course or C900-Java course are eligible to start preparing for CCC.

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