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Note: Please note that our free classes are NOT the same as our regular classes. Free classes offer an introduction to certain coding applications while our regular classes follow a tailored and detailed curricullum for a particular coding platform.

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FREE Coding Classes at Zebra

At Zebra, we always look at a way to solve problems, wether it be for our coding challenges or our robotics competitions. We would like to put our best foot forward in helping every child learn something while they are at home. Enroll your child in one of our free online weekly classes where they can learn how to use some cool tools to help them make graphics, websites, games or apps. Click on the link below to register. Limited slots available.

Grade: 5 and up
Duration: 1 hrs (Everyday from 12:30pm - 1:30pm)
Price: FREE

Course Information

Intro to App Development

Learn how to make you own simple mobile app and have it run on your phone!

Intro to Game Development

Together we will make a game that you can play with your friends!

Creating Graphics with Canva

Create stunning materials like posters, powerpoints and infographics using design principles.

Intro to Website Design

Make your own website and show it off to your friends and family online!

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We have put together a series of STEAM activities for you to do at home with the family, check them out!

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