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Coding & Robotics Open Challange
(CRoC 2020)

CRoC is back! Fall 2020 Coding Hackathon for grades 2 to 12 is open to everyone including Zebra Robotics students. The event will be conducted both virtually and in-person.

Calling all space adventurers for our CROC hackathon - "Mission to Mars" ! Use your HTML, JavaScript, Python, Java, Scratch, or Game Development skills to write critical code and help make the mission a success!

Katherine Kines

Siddhi Ranjeeth
Umar Shamroz

Scratch Beginner

Desc: Create a movie that tells the story of astronauts exploring Mars.

Zorez Gilani

Isha Deshmukh
Advay Gupta

Scratch Intermediate

Desc: Create a game that helps astronauts collect their friends’ lost items on Mars and score points for each item.

Devanshi Sharma

Mahid Ali Kermali
Madheswaran Kamal

Web Development Beginner

Desc: Create a webpage to document information about planets in the solar system.

Ishaan Mital

Agastya Khanna
George Farag

Web Development Intermediate

Desc: Create an interactive webpage to document information about planets using JS functions and buttons.

Vidu Widyalankara

Rishabh Ryan Venu
Prerana Sil


Desc: Help Mission Control communicate with our astronauts in space and guide their ship. If you have extra time, help Astronauts decide which specimens are worth bringing back home from Mars.