A STEM Learning Center In The Heart Of The Triangle

Summer 2019

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A STEM Learning Center In The Heart Of The Triangle

Summer 2019

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A STEM Learning Center In The Heart Of The Triangle

Summer 2019

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Summer Camps

Join us for an unforgettable summer where children explore the basics of robotics, coding and STEM in an interactive hands-on setting. A perfect combination of learning and fun!

Track-out Camps

Year-round school? Not to worry. At Zebra we offer track-out camps throughout the year similar to our summer offering.

After-school Program

Students join us on weekday evenings and Saturdays to learn robotics, coding and STEM through discovery and play. Continuity through the year enables our little engineers to make steady progress through our curriculum.

Events /Workshops

At Zebra we host several exciting events and workshops around STEM that cater to grades 2 to 12. They run throughout the year, so make sure to check back regularly as new events get added every quarter.

Date and Time: Will be posted soon
Location: Zebra Robotics, 1408 Boulderstone Way, Cary, 27519

Zebra Robotics is hosting its very own CROC (Coding + Robotics Open Challenge). Students can put their coding and robotics skills to the test with this challenging competition.

Registrations will be open shortly

About Zebra Robotics

Zebra Robotics is a pioneer in providing quality training to students in the field of Robotics, Coding and Creative Thinking. Our innovative approach to STEM education equips students with the skills and knowledge required in this fast-paced, technology-driven environment.

Knowledgeable instructors, renowned competition awards, and an extensive course offering set us aside from other similar programs. All of our curricula are made inhouse by our experienced and passionate staff.

Students learn critical thinking, design, and analytical skills through our courses. They also learn soft skills like time management, leadership, perseverance and teamwork vital to success in any career.

How We See The World

Our vision at Zebra Robotics is to inspire the next generation of students to be confident, respectful and knowledgeable team players who will strive to solve many of the world’s challenges using technology and STEM concepts.

Our Mission Is:

To provide a unique, challenging and fun environment where innovation and collaboration are encouraged.

To inculcate teamwork, time management and professionalism in our classes; core skills necessary to compete in internationally recognized competitions and future careers.

What Makes Us Unique

Curriculum, Culture and Competition preparation are our pillars and form the basis of each learning session.


Our curriculum, built on years of research and experience, aims to address the growing demand to teach STEM concepts to young minds. It is designed in a way to allow each student to learn at his or her own pace.

Our passionate and knowledgeable coaches are Zebra’s greatest asset! All of our coaches undergo intense training focused on technical concepts and soft skills leading up to a certification from Zebra Robotics.


What sets Zebra Robotics apart are our intangibles; the openness to new ideas, freedom to try, fail and learn, and the acceptance that each student will learn at his or her own pace. We provide an environment where innovation thrives, and collaboration is encouraged.

Our coaches believe that with the increasing automation of our society, both programming and mechanical knowledge is pivotal in our foreseeable future, and as a result are determined to encourage our students to reach their full potential.


We compete in several competitions that are uniquely designed for a range of age groups that channel competitive instincts in a positive way. Experience in building and programming robots for competitions gives our kids an appreciation of the challenges involved and hones their capabilities and strengths.

We’ve won many awards in popular competitions such as FIRST Lego League®, World Robotics Olympiad®, Canadian Computing Challenge®, CROC® etc.

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Our Journey

Zebra Robotics was born in 2014 as a result of the passion of two entrepreneurial minds who shared a common vision that teaching robotics to children at an early age is key to fostering innovation. What started in a Community Centre helping a few kids, quickly morphed into opening our first center in Mississauga, Canada, providing us the opportunity to introduce the exciting world of robotics to young minds.

In less than 5 years, Zebra Robotics has grown and taught over 1000 kids in Canada. The effort and skills of students and their coaches have been recognized at major events with awards in various categories including the honor of representing Canada in World Robotics Olympiad® 2016 and 2018.