A Letter From A Student

My Time At Zebra Robotics

By: Aditya Shah

Zebra Robotics has been a great learning environment. They have set opportunities for me that I can never have imagined. In a few years’ time, I have challenged myself to think critically and effectively at competitions like First Lego League (FLL) and Zone 1, while learning to respect my peers and my opponents.

When I started to attend Zebra Robotics in September of 2016, I went to the Robotics 400 classes, having no past training or use of the technology. I still remember my first class, one of the head coaches, Coach Satish. He understood that everyone in that class had little to no past experience with using Lego Robotics. The robot was explained carefully, starting with hardware, and moving onto the parts. Coach Satish simply and wonderfully explained the components and how effective they can be when combined with simple code. I was challenged to think outside of the box while knowing I would not be judged even if I failed, because of Zebra Robotics’ welcoming atmosphere. I was then chosen to move onto competing in one of the FLL teams.

My time at FLL was captivating. I was able to program, innovate and learn extraordinary things in 6 months with my team, the Wave Riders. I traveled to Seneca College, the University of Waterloo, and Rick Hanson Secondary School for my FLL competitions, I have also been to Montreal for Zone 1. We worked diligently and eliminated all conflicts with consensus. The process for FLL is the best part, making each day unique. We were able to make a strong bond with each other because of the process. Though the idea of our product becoming reality was terrifying, we used that for our inspiration. Competition days were hectic, but the rush of adrenaline is always exciting. Presentations on these days helped improve my concentration, performance, and confidence for the future. Overall, FLL engages everyone’s mind.

Zebra Robotics’ has many benefits for the students. Before I came to Zebra Robotics, I wouldn’t be able to express my thoughts clearly and I couldn’t adapt to certain situations. I learned to become flexible with my new, developed skills. Flexibility is important for competitions because they require you to complete a variety of tasks efficiently. This skill allowed me to adapt and problem solve. Robotics helps students realize their passions and what they are able to do. Kids who learn robotics early on will be more likely to understand their future pathways.  I have also learned to be a team player and a leader as I learned to communicate clearly. Furthermore, robotics has thought me to respect my peers. I was able to learn the essential skills needed for future work at Zebra Robotics and I learned how to use them for competitions and problem-solving.

FLL Success Continues.


On February 25th, the Wave Riders traveled to Seneca College to compete in the Ontario Innovation Celebration. They received the Problem Identification Award. Congratulations team!


Zebra Robotics is starting our own Coding Competition: CRoC! The competition will take place on April 15th and is open to all programmers who are comfortable with at least one of the following: Tynker, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Java. While our first run is only set to be a coding competition, we will be opening a robotics sect in the future! This year, the competition is only open to Zebra Robotics students, but our future competitions will be open to the public. Let your programmer friends know, and inquire at the front desk about registration!

More Success at FLL Competition


All three of our teams showed their top game at the University of Waterloo for First Lego League Provincials.

Team UnResolved received a Robot Design Award.

Team Wave Riders received a Project Innovation Award and were selected for Ontario innovation Celebration.


Jan 2018


All three of our First Lego League teams have aced their regional competitions! Wave Riders, Hydro Innovators, and UnResolved will be competing at the provincial competitions at Waterloo at the end of the month. Wish them luck!




GEARS Banner

What is G.E.A.R.S?

What is GEARS? At Zebra Robotics, we believe STEM is for everyone. Forbes.com states that women occupy only 24% of computing jobs, and that is projected to decline. We want to change this by offering monthly workshops for girls, by girls. Genius knows no gender!

Some Pictures from our workshop.