2nd Annual Tech Fun Event

On June 24th, Saturday from 4.30 PM until 6.30 PM, Zebra Robotics Tech Fun event will be held at their facility in Mississauga. Tech Fun Event was first organized in 2016 and was a big hit among our customers. The event features some of the projects by students and few robotics games that everyone can try their hands on. Light refreshments will be provided during the event.

Pictures from last years’ event.

During the event, students who have completed Robotics 400 Advanced level and Coding courses will receive their certificates. Students who finished top in their class will also be getting a medal recognizing their achievements. The event will open with a speech from its co-founder Satish Thiyagarajan.

Competitions- Zone01 and Olympiad (WRO)


Three teams from Zebra Robotics competed in Zone01 and World Robotic Olympiad challenges in April and May 2017. Immediately after 2016 First Lego League competitions, they started preparing for these events, while some members continued their Robotics 500 and Coding classes.
All three challenges were mechanically complex and students experimented a lot before deciding on an efficient design. Some of the preparation went well into the last weeks before the competition.
Once at the competition, Zone01 team Laser had a surprise change

in their mission and had an hour to make design and program changes. They methodically did this, finishing on top in the GTA. Meanwhile, our WRO team Squawk also finished first and advanced to the Nationals in Montreal.

Our WRO and Zone01 teams both finished fourth in the nationals. WRO team Squawk’s robot performed exactly as expected, and now they plan on setting their target higher for next year.