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Coding, widely known as programming, involves writing commands that allows systems to perform meaningful tasks. Our coding classes focus on the most popular programing languages in the industry

Students join us on weekday evenings and Saturdays to learn STEM through discovery and play. Continuity through the year enables our little engineers to make steady progress through our curriculum.

Due to COVID, we have changed our schedule and delivery method for regular classes. Please call to enroll.

Key Benefits of Coding

Learning how to code at a young age helps students learn and develop:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Persistence
  • Logical and critical thinking
  • Exciting career choices
Block-Based Coding (C300)

Games are excellent educational programming tools. Students explore programming concepts using graphical coding to animate and build games. Concepts like loops, scenes and stages, keyboard controls, events, and messaging are taught in this course.

Grade: 3-5
Duration: 30-40 weeks
Price: $130 +tax/ month (4 Classes)

Game Development (C500)

Students delve deeper into game design by developing classic games such as Brick Breaker, Angry Birds and more. They’ll employ block-based, graphical coding and gain a strong foundation, in preparation for text-based coding languages.

Grade: 4-6
Duration: 30-40 weeks
Price: $130 +tax/ month (4 Classes)

App Development (C550)

Students will learn to design and build apps by applying design principles, app layout, styling and interaction design. They will learn to program apps that could have a global impact. Our curriculum uses an intuitive, visual programming environment that allows students to build simple apps for smartphones and tablets.

Grade: 6-8
Duration: 24-30 weeks
Price: $150 +tax / month (4 Classes)

Web Design (C600)

Students are introduced to text-based programming through HTML5 and CSS3. They’ll build web pages from scratch instead of using drag and drop templates, enabling them to make vital connections between text-based commands and visualizing the results.

Grade: 6-8
Duration: 14-16 weeks
Price: $150 +tax / month (4 Classes)

Interactive Web Applications (C700)

Students are introduced to Javascript, a widely used scripting language, allowing them to take webpages and applications to the next level. They’ll create animated and interactive elements, building on the foundation established in Web Design. C600 is a prerequisite for this course.

Grade: 6-8
Duration: 30-40 weeks
Price: $150 +tax/ month (4 Classes)

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Coding with Python (C800)

Students learn a powerful server-based programming language. They are taught to write Python programs, which can be used to solve variety of challenges, including in Robotics.Python is a powerful programming language used for variety of purpose from Data Analytics, Data Science to programming robots and providing artificial intelligence.

Grade: 9-12
Duration: 30-40 weeks
Price: $170 +tax / month (4 Classes)

Coding with Java (C900)

Students are introduced to the basics of object oriented programming by learning to program in Java. Java is the most popular programming language and is used by across all industries. Java skillset is one of the most sought after and due its portability is used across many server platform.

Grade: 10-12
Duration: 30-40 weeks
Price: $180 +tax / month (4 Classes)



At Zebra, we host several exciting events and workshops around STEM that cater to grades 2 to 12. They run throughout the year, so make sure to check back regularly as new events get added every quarter.

CRoC 2020

CRoC is back! Fall 2020 Coding Hackathon for grades 2 to 12 is open to everyone including Zebra Robotics students. The event will be conducted both virtually and in-person.

Calling all space adventurers for our CROC hackathon - "Mission to Mars"! Use your HTML, JavaScript, Python, Java, Scratch, or Game Development skills to write critical code and help make the mission a success!

Watch this space and our social media accounts for further announcements.

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