Why Robotics?


Students are introduced to science concepts like sound, light, electromagnet, force, torque, speed, etc., by different actuators of Robot. They learn appropriate tools for a given purpose.


Programming has become a common language these days with the advent of mobile operating systems from Apple and Google. In this program students are introduced to basic programming constructs and their impact on robotics movement.


Problem statement, analysis, design and testing are integral parts of any engineering process. Students do exactly the same as in engineering process in this program and mature to solve different levels of complex problems as they progress.


Applied mathematics is the key in our program. Be it simple measurement to using formulas to derive answers, students apply what they have learnt to design a robot.


Students work as a group to solve problems, plan, allocate and execute tasks. Just like in team sports, they divide certain tasks among themselves and rotate through different tasks over the duration of course.


Towards the end of their program, students prepare and present their solutions to rest of the groups.

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