the art of robotics

Robotics is about learning engineering and more importantly soft skills such as teamwork, persistence and humility.

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give your best

Win or lose, we keep our cool and do our best. Competing is a journey, learning never stops, there is always room for improvement.

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Want to be a coder?

Whether you want to be a programmer or just want to see what it is all about - you end up training your brain to think logically.

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Robotics Classes

Evenings, Weekend classes from grade 2-12. Year-around classes.Multiple courses by grade level.

Coding Classes

High level programming classes for kids in grade 6 and up. Block based programming for juniors.


Students who stay for years are passionate and dedicated. Win or lose, we give our best.

of Experience

A Few Words About Zebra Robotics

It is hard to believe that we started this rewarding adventure only three years ago.

We are so proud and satisfied when parents tell us how much their child’s confidence and performance has improved at school since they started with us. The success of our program is also shown by the fact that our students have won awards at provincial and national levels in competitive events such as FLL and WRO. Our students have also been selected to represent Canada in the Robotics Olympiad.

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Coaches & Instructors

Our knowledgeable instructors are our greatest asset! They gained their diverse experience by competing in many challenges, including WRO, FLL, NASA Rover and Utah Rover challenges.

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Hands on Robotics

Our unique graduated learning curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in robotics, which is then reinforced by practice sessions. As a result, our students gain a thorough understanding of robotics.

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Zebra Coding Academy

A perfect opportunity for students to plunge into the world of Coding. Students benefit from our real-world application development experience learning HTML, JavaScript, Python, Java..

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Founders and Owners