Knowledgeable instructors are our asset. Having competed in WRO, FLL, NASA, Utah Rover challenge etc. gives them varied, diverse experience.


Our unique graduated learing curriculum, gives students strong robotics foundation. Additional practice times helps cement their understanding.


HTML, Javascript, Python, Robot-C and more. Our realworld application development experience assists students learn what matters.

About Us

We have trained about 400 kids in Robotics and Coding combined.

It is hard to believe its been two years since we started. Our biggest reward is when parents say how they see their kids confidence and performance has changed at school since they started with us. Awards at provincial and national levels in competitive events such as FLL , WRO and selection of our students to represent Canada in Robotics Olympiad vindicate our approach.

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Our Programs

Our programs are focused on buiding Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts for kids between the age group of 7 and 14.

  • Robotics Design and Programming
  • Coding
  • Robotics League Competitions
  • Robotics Challenges
  • School Workshops and classes
  • March Break and School Break Workshops
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Why Robotics?

"Today's economy expects graduates who can analyze, negotiate, and create solutions. Students who have mastered ability to recall and apply specific algorithms but have limited opportunities to develop an understanding of ideas and their evolution, are at a disadvantage." - Deirdre Bailey, math & science teacher, Calgary.

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We work with:
Lego League
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